Better regional public transport & free public transport for under 25s

Published on 6/12/2021 at 7:54 pm.

Regions around New Zealand need better public transport. And they’d like it in 2022. City and regional councillors around Aotearoa New Zealand have written a great open letter to the Minister of Transport in November 2021 asking for more funding for regional public transport. This would be funded by repurposing some of the Waka Kotahi New Transport Agency highways funds. The costs need to be seen as funding for climate change mitigation.

The aim is more convenient and more frequent buses on more routes and cheaper fares. Or even free for under 25s which is what the Aotearoa Collective for Public Transport is campaigning for. The two groups got lots media coverage including regional transport on Q&A and Stuff and free public transport on Stuff and Newshub.

The petition for free public transport is here.

These are not our campaigns, but we wholeheartedly support them

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