Light rail for branch lines

Published on 11/09/2022 at 7:51 am.

Could small 23 seat 2 axle/4 wheel and/or 60-120 seat 4 axle/8 wheel bogie light rail passenger railcars with disable facility being used on low usage heavy rail branch lines in Aotearoa New Zealand?

These passenger railcars could be used on localised, frequently used, lightly patronised services like Masterton to Woodville, Napier to Hastings, Woodville to Palmerston North, Greymouth to Hokitika, Greymouth to Stillwater and Westport, Greymouth to Moana, Invercargill to Bluff, etc that don't require high specified passenger track but good quality freight track.

The below are possible types of trains that could be used -

T´╗┐his ultra light railcar uses hybrid motive power and can accommodation 60 to 120 passengers depending on single or coupled sets.

These railcars uses stored Kinetic energy using regenerative braking with a small back up LPG/diesel motor and have an operating range up to 40 kms depending of size of the railcar.

These light rail branch line railcars can be connector services to regional and inter-regional passenger train services in New Zealand's regional passenger rail network.

Light rail for branch lines is one of the components of the Connecting Communities 2030 Initiative, New Zealand National Public Transport Network and New Zealand's Regional Passenger Rail Network.

The re-introduction of the national regional passenger rail network is one of the initiatives of the Public Transport Forum New Zealand.

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