Regional Public Transport

Published on 28/03/2022 at 10:01 am.

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In November 2021, over 100 elected officials representing local and regional councils from Northland to Bluff sent an open letter to the Minister of Transport, Michael Wood. This letter highlighted their concerns about insufficient investment in public transport in the regions and their wish for this to be addressed in the Budget 2022.

On March 14 2022 Michael Wood replied in a positive way. Nicola Patrick, a Horizons regional councillor, tweeted part of his reply:

“I support in principle the need to invest more in public transport in the regions.”

“Public transport shapes people’s lives, the ability of our regions to connect and thrive, and has an essential role in tackling climate change and reducing transport harm.”

Nicola in her tweet thread noted, “Then later today we got the fantastic news of half price buses for three months.”

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