Future of Regional and Long Distance Passenger Rail in New Zealand

Published on 11/08/2022 at 10:02 am.

A video presentation on the current, medium term and future of urban, regional, inter-regional and long distance passenger rail in New Zealand that can connect Aotearoa New Zealand 6 main cities with 13 provincial cities, major towns, semi rural towns and rural communities across the 13 of 16 regions that have rail connectivity.

Recording of an online presentation so the introduction is 1m8 secs in -

For further information concerning the points raised in the online video presentation -

The online video presentation is by Michael van Drogenbroek a Transport Consultant/Advisor at Heriot-Edievale Ltd with 30 plus years’ experience. Currently, he is working with various clients on rail, public transport, and freight development projects both in New Zealand and overseas jurisdictions including the Middle East.

The online video presentation aired on 15 June 2022 as a webinar of the Rail Technical Society of Australasia (RTSA).

This online video presentation on publictransportforum.nz with permission from the presenter.

The New Zealand Government parliamentary Transport and Infrastructure Committee has opened an inquiry into the future of inter-regional passenger rail in New Zealand. The aim of the inquiry is to find out what the future could hold for inter-regional passenger rail in New Zealand.

Greg O’Connor, the Chair of the committee, said “We hope interested New Zealanders will take the time to have their say and help us better understand inter-regional passenger rail and its future in New Zealand.”

The committee welcomes your comments and ideas on the topic and is looking forward to learning what the future of passenger rail could look like for New Zealand.

To have your say, please make a submission on the future of New Zealand's inter-regional passenger rail services

Submissions close 6th October 2022

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